Don't take it from me, check out what others are saying...
"He created a culture of growth and inspired staff to use new strategies when interacting with students and families. His leadership has inspired, empowered, and led students and staff towards excellence."

- Erin Wanat, Director of Special Education
"Mr. Ronglien has demonstrated leadership beyond that of a typical principal. He has led efforts to close the achievement gap, engage teachers, and gently but firmly motivate teachers to try new teaching methods."

- John A. Varner, Superintendent of Onamia Public Schools
"He takes his genuine, caring and passionate personality for education to a whole new level. He is a very organized, prepared, researched and experienced administrator."

- Susan M. Burris, Director of the Center of Excellence, Resource Training and Solutions
"Mr. Ronglien has continued his own professional learning with focus and enthusiasm. I would recommend him to any secondary school that is in need of strong leadership."

- Sharon Hexum-Platzer, Educational Consultant
"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Mr. Larry Ronglien for any position he pursues. He is a class act, talented and intelligent. He is someone I would work with in any capacity."

- Tamara Schultz, Director of Curriculum, Minnesota Transition Charter Schools
"Larry is a hard worker. He is able to manage multiple initiatives at the same time; ensuring that each is moving forward in a good way. He strives to be the best, so our students gain the most."

-Mary Sam-Onamia School Board member