Improving School Culture and
​Academic Enviornments For Learning
Consultancy that helps your school achieve optimal success.
  1. Teacher Review
    Teacher Review
    Assist building leaders with teacher observation and walk throughs. Help schools develop their list of "look for's" during classroom visits.
  2. Special Education Planning
    Special Education Planning
    Helping schools plan for students that are hard to program for academically and behaviorally.
  3. Priority & Focus Schools
    Priority & Focus Schools
    Helping Priority and Focus schools write and carry out improvement plans.
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To provide consulting services that meet the needs of schools. Develop a collaborative culture with school district officials to meet the needs of teachers and students on a daily basis.
What My Colleagues Are Saying 
"He created a culture of growth and inspired staff to use new strategies when interacting with students and families. His leadership has inspired, empowered, and led students and staff towards excellence."

- Erin Wanat, Director of Special Education
"Mr. Ronglien has demonstrated leadership beyond that of a typical principal. He has led efforts to close the achievement gap, engage teachers, and gently but firmly motivate teachers to try new teaching methods."

- John Varner - Former Superintendent Onamia Public Schools
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